Currently jammin’ to…


SO much better now that my sound system is TOP TIER! I mean, “our” sound system… Or his that I’ve now claimed.


I heard this song a couple of months ago but had NO idea what it was called/who sang it/what YEAR it was from – So when I came across it again the other day, I literally went into hunter mode in order to find it.

Which means… remembering a verse or two to throw up on Google.

Thanks Google!





Lives together for 6 months – First fight is over surround sound

It’s funny how after it’s all said and done, you look back and think – Fuck that was petty.


At least I got a pretty bouquet of flowers out of it? Literally the first bouquet of flowers he’s bought me since we first started dating nearly 5 years ago – But who’s counting?

Ok, I am. But it’s my own damn fault because I was a dumbass when I met him and was all “flowers are lame, don’t even worry, I don’t need them.”

Yah. I didn’t have my own home to show them off in. I like them now please.

I just hope I can scam a couple of bouquets OUTSIDE of bullshit arguments.

Even though we’ve lived here for 6 months, we still don’t have a whole lot hanging on the walls – It’s weird, I know. But with the amount of plants and cozy items we’ve got, it’s not necessarily empty looking. We also can’t figure out WTF we want up on the walls.

What I can tell you I DON’T want up on the walls though, is a medium-sized fucking speaker in plain site for the world to see.

Isn’t the art of surround sound about being sneaky with speaker placement?

A comment that got me in hot water because apparently that meant I was telling him he didn’t know what he was doing.

I didn’t say that, but what the hell…

I came home from work the other day to his drill and shit all over my sofa table. He’d talked about putting a speaker “behind the couch” but failed to mention that it would be halfway up the wall.

WHY? I can’t hide it with plants if it goes there! The wires will be out!! WTF?

Having had a bad day at work – Something he didn’t tell me until after the argument (of course) – He took out his frustrations on my WTF, HOLES?! comments.

To the point that I made him sleep on the couch.

Fuck yo’ attitude, boy!

The whole next day at work I was trying to come up with ways to hide the speaker, mostly pissed off that the mirror I’d originally planned for that wall would no longer fit/look symmetrical with a fucking speaker to its bottom left.

I come home, and he’s taken the speaker and screws off the wall, leaving me with two big holes – and a bouquet of flowers.

Does this mean I won our first argument? I have two big holes in the wall now! I mean, my mirror can go back up as planned, but instead of a speaker, it will have two holes to its bottom left.


First world problems?

First time roommate problems.

Also first time bouquet acquiring. So hey – Life is good.

NYC in ’93

There’s something wicked nostalgic about this video – A time when things were still seemingly innocent and on the up. A time before we were all so morbidly obsessed with knowing everything about everything/one another – Seriously! The shots of people walking around with NO PHONES is so.. foreign.

So refreshing.

Will phone obsession be a phase that will die out over the years?

Trends do go ’round…

WATCH THIS! And remember the time when Saved by the Bell went to College (MY FAV) and Cypress Hills “Insane in the Brain” became a thing.

Isn’t is CRAZY how much the style/mood of life has changed since the 90’s?

Then I thought – Styles from the 70’s were hella different from the 90’s – And ’93 to now is the same-ish time apart.

Perspective. Sheeit.

Our first family road trip

I could tell you I brought my cats home because my parents wanted to see their grand-kitties – But I’d be mostly lying.

‘Cause while my mom was totally into the idea of having them come up – the reason I brought my kittens home was to introduce them to my baby pups. Something I thought would be both hilarious and adorable.

I mean, it wasn’t horrible.

While the cats roamed free in the car on the way up – We put ’em in a crate to bring them into the house. We let the dogs sniff around, and LOL. They were crying with excitement, tails wagging like crazy.


Note: These dogs have never met a cat, these cats have never met or seen a dog.

The cats were a little less enthused with the initial sniffing – I swear they’ve got some jungle cat in ’em with some of the sounds they can make! My tough little baby kitties!

I got a couple of videos of their initial walk around the house, but they were quick to hide – making it nearly impossible to snap any good pics. Guy is a lot more chill than Buddy – So he wandered a little more, but with three dogs on his tail, it was more of a running wander.

IMG_20171104_123405_300.jpg2017-11-05 05.48.32 1.jpg2017-11-05 05.45.56 1.jpg

BTW – Guy has totally turned into my little sucky-babe – Having also gained the title “Momma’s Boy” from my man. Which heck YES ONE OF THE CATS LIKES ME BEST.

I love snuggles. And with my furiest of fur babes?

I take back my numerous “I hate cats” comments over the years – I like cats. My cats. I like my cats.

I love my cats.

I love my little family. I love my little life!

Things to remember now that the Sunday scaries are scheduled to appear.

Life is good.

Let the noise be just that – Noise.



Happy Halloween, children


Candy that isn’t as appealing as it should be because I’ve been eat it all month…

Forgive me, Father… Because I’ve forgiven that stache!

My man and I hosted our first Halloween Party this weekend, and I’ve gotta say – Everyone had a kick ass time!

Everyone got some sick pics too. And c’mon, isn’t that what we all want? SOME GOOD PICS IN OUR FAB OUTFITS?

Fab Halloween outfits! Guys, Forrest Gump turned up chez nous!

My decorations were probably the highlight of EVERYONES night (half kidding) which makes me feel good because, um. I spent a lot of time decorating. I love this shit! LOOK AT IT.

Being festive is fun! Regardless of how Hallmark the holiday, so back off haters.

2017-10-31 05.47.35 1.jpg2017-10-31 05.44.05 1.jpg2017-10-30 02.17.58 2.jpg2017-10-31 05.43.38 1.jpg


I’m not a photographer (I forget), so that last Snap is to show you my PINTEREST WIN – Those pineapple jack-o-lanterns looked awesome AND provided tasty treats to my guests.

Now to plan for our Christmas party….

Though I guess first I’ve gotta take these decorations down… AND get my man to shave that stache.

Seriously. It’s been 3 days and he’s not made one shaving attempt. Is this life now?

That being said, I’ma cozy up to that stache in this Halloween abode of ours. One that’s equipped with some moody AF lighting and HELLA snacks.

Be safe and scary… my children.

Sister Caitlan



Today I took a “me” day

Being an adult means having to schedule your breakdowns.

And with the upcoming holidays being blacked out for days off and my weekends seemingly busy AF- It was a now or never kind of thing.

A “now” I decided on last week as to prevent the added called-in-sick anxiety.

Being responsible totally helps with my anxiety.

The bubble in my chest started to intensify last week – I brought a lamp into my new office and it really cozies up the space. Like, my office has got some sick ambience goin’ on! But this means I now officially have something that I’d need to bring home with me if I were to ever leave this job.

Ghosting is not an option.

Not that I do that. Anymore.

I will never show my face at that Beach House again….

When I was at the Beach House I longed for the stability of a “real” job. I’d just spent a year camping/bumming around learning new skills and developing new hobbies – I’d quit my corporate job because I recognised that it was the root of my unhappiness. I felt as though I was meant to be doing something else. Something more. Something different! And because I didn’t know what that was, getting myself back to nature seemed like the only solution.

I was eventually distracted by the things I wasn’t doing – Which was building a career, buying a house and getting my uterus ready for children.

Damn this world for its silent judgements.

I then felt as though all I was doing was avoiding “real life”. I was running away and hiding from the inevitable.

And hey – I kind of was. I just thought I knew what I was doing until suddenly I didn’t.

When I re-joined the “for reals” workforce, I told myself it was temporary. A thought I hold onto because it keeps me from feeling restless. It feels like less of a commitment – Which is what my problem is, right?

Committing to obligation?

Committing to a basic, paper-pushing 9-5 – Sure, I’ve got the consistent paycheck. The full benefits, work perks and a couple of paid holidays – But to think of doing this same thing for the next 10+ years of my life… No. It’s just not an option.

There’s no way this is it.

But omg. I’m nearly a year in at this business and now I’ve got lamps in offices?! I NEED TO GET OUTTA HERE!

But being responsible helps with my anxiety…

Until I can make a living doing whatever it is I do – I will take “me” days when I feel like it’s getting to be too much. Too repetitive. Too basic. I will take time away to remind myself that this is all part of the process.

And to remember how this is exactly what I wished I had back when I was doing what I wish I could do again.

The grass is always greener…







Meet my babes: Buddy and Guy

I am your guy, Buddy! And I’m your buddy, Guy!

I originally wanted the name Butters and offered up the ‘Butters and Token’ duo – But my ginger didn’t approve. So I started calling the black masked cat ‘Buddy’ while we figured it out, and poof. Buddy and Guy came to be.

Can you tell we’re South Park fans?

I’ve been a cat mom for about a month and a half – And as a lifelong dog lover, I’m pleasantly surprised at how much fun I’m having!

I mean, thank gawd ’cause how shitty that woulda been to have gotten two cats only to think of them as snobs. They live forever, don’t they?

I hope so, because I love my little shit buckets. Like, I think about what they’re doing when I’m not at home, and when I am at home – They’re my entertainment! They also bring out this cat voice that is kinda like my dog voice but maybe slightly more annoying.

Why are we like this?

They’re distracting though. I’ve caught myself wondering WTF to do when they’ve curled up for cat naps, as if I don’t know what I did with my life before they were in the picture.

Or maybe I’m using them as an excuse for feeling like I’m at a stand still.

I’m used to getting what I want and flaking out of it because it’s either not what I expected, or I’m over it because I’ve attained it.

Entitled millennial, amirite?

I’m not running away this time though – While having a 9-5 isn’t ideal, I’ve got a cushy one to hold me over until I’ve put something else together, and it’s one that is hardly 5 minutes from home. A home that I’ve only recently started putting together with my ginger, one that I’M IN LOVE WITH. And one that now has two cats.

I can’t leave my kitties! OMG! We got them because we’re not ready for the responsibility of a dog, last-minute sleepovers is a freedom we’re not ready to give up! Even though the thought of leaving them alone overnight makes me feel sad…

And scared of WTF they’ll destroy/get into.

Maybe I’ll just get two cute bags and bring these bros with me everywhere.

Crazy cat lady in the making: Year one.