Thank baby jesus for passport express

‘Cause this bitch let her passport expire MONTHS ago, and until a last-minute trip popped up – I hadn’t really thought about renewing it!

I mean, I would have done it eventually. For sure a day or two before any kind of kind of penalty fees would be applied…

ANYWAYS… I’M GOING TO NYC!!! In like, 2 days!!

My ginger is out in Chicago right now for some work thing, but he’s heading over to NYC tomorrow to set up for Comic Con.

Which I’ll also get to attend. LOL. WHAT?!

So when he told me I could come, I did what any sane girl would do and got my shit renewed… Last week. So should out to the passport office for expressing the shit out of my passport and allowing me to pick it up today! Renewed for TEN YEARS baby! TEN. YEARS. I’m gonna be pushing 40 by the time I have to renew this bad boy again!

Woah. That really puts shit into perspective. 40? Oh god. Oh god NO. NOT YET I’M NOT READY.



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