This is the most adult thing I’ve ever done IN MY LIFE

HOLY SHIT, MAN! I just drove myself to the airport so that I could hop on a plane to meet my ginger in NYC for the weekend.


And get this: As I type, I’m sitting at an airport bar with a glass of wine. My SECOND glass of wine. My first having been providedย by some broad from out East. We went through security around the same time and exchanged a couple of lol worthy comments, so when she saw I snagged a table with an outlet, she asked if she could scam a plugย – SURE. We start talking, we click, she buys me wine, we talk more – How is it I can connect so deeply with people from all over the world, but when presented with people in everyday life…. I feel nothing?

ANYWAYS! She left to catch her plane to L.A (SO POSH), and seeing as how I’ve still got over an hour to kill.. More vino, SVP.

Oh, and I bumped myself up to first class. ‘Cause why the fuck not.



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