I suck at taking pictures when I’m excited.


Mostly because I’m too busy gawking with a goofy smile loving everything I see ’cause OMG LOOK AT HER! OMG HIM! OMG THEM!

That, and I’m too shy to take pics of random people. So unless I just happened to be walking by a photo-op, I didn’t even think to have my phone out.

US roaming, ‘membaaa?

I suppose it’s good in that I’m totally livin’ in the moment, but bad in that I can’t show off to my countless adoring fans who care about EVERYTHING MY EYES SEE.

My BF was doing a 180 photobooth thing (think Matrix) for Marvels new show ‘Iron fist’, which was set up right beside the freakin’ stage! He got up close and personal with Stan Lee, and we were up close and personal with the Iron Fist stars.

Who looked familiar but I don’t know their names.

Such a good time, such cool shit, and SO MANY AMAZING COSTUMES!!! Some people are insanely talented, hilarious, and dark! I wish the world was as accepting as the peeps at ComicCon – errone was havin’ a good time, creepy or not.

OMG! There was this guy dressed up as Mike Myers stabby guy. He was just LINGERING around different staircases. Like, just lingering on one step so still. I’d seem him again later on a different staircase altogether – LOL UR SO CREEPY BRO!

I don’t get the Victorias Secret Angel though – Other than showing off that you’re hot, I don’t get why you’re here?

Are there reasons?

Just ’cause she’s hot?

Alright then. Keep on nerdin’, pervs.


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