I lined up for 2 hours in the cold and the rain to EAT THE MEATIEST SANDWICH EVER.

And let me tell you – IT WAS SO WORTH IT.

I’d heard about Carnegie Deli before I’d even gotten on the plane to NYC – YOU HAVE TO GO, THEIR SANDWICHES ARE UNREAL.

Unreal enough to stand in crazy lines? Maybe tomorrow…

Then tomorrow (today) is raining, so YAY. I’ll just stand out here in the rain, and when I get close, my ginger will leave ComicCon to have lunch with his beebs.

Fuck I’m an awesome girlfriend.

lol. Food though.

The deli itself is so quaint, the walls are just FILLED with photos of celebs – ‘Cause this place is known, man. These sandwiches….


Yah. LOOK AT ALL DAT MEAT! Did I finish? Um, no. But it was a good snack for the ginj to bring back with him! I also may or may not have gotten a slice of cheesecake to go…..

Hey man! I’d heard it was good too! WHEN IN ROME.

Go on…

But here’s the kicker – You more or less sit at community tables, and this couple I was sitting next to told me they’d heard the place was shutting down! It sounds like there might be a bit of dramz thrown in there.. But omg. S’cuse me for feeling that the loss of such a SPECTACULAR sandwich on its own is dramatic enough.

If you’re in the NYC area…. EAT IT BEFORE ITS TOO LATE.


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