I’m gonna be 30 soon so I figured I’d do something impulsive – Like buy Bieber tickets

Like spend $200 on Justin Bieber tickets.

Or rather, ticket.

Both my ginger and the husband of the girl I’m going with are less than pleased with our purchase of this “expensive garbage”.

THE FUCK EVER, MANS! DANCE PARTY! I’m still in my 20s! I can still get away with getting fudged up at a Justin Bieber concert!


My only concern is that the only people dumb enough to spend bigger monies on tickets are the parents of the kids who are OBSESSED. Bitch, I don’t care that your kid is 12. I’m going to slam this Smirnoff Ice before chasing it back with a second – Followed by a WEEEEWWWWWW LIFE IS SO FAACKIN’ GUUUD!

I say Smirnoff because wine is offensively expensive at these venues.

Well. So glad I bought my tickets in Dec. 2016 for a concert that isn’t until Sept. 2017.



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