She KILLED this years half-time show!

SHE PLAYED ALL OF MY FAVOURITES! And she sang live – which FUCK YES girl can sing.

She brought back some nostalgic Gaga feels, ones I’d let fade when Art Pop was released. An album that had only one song I “liked”, though I dunno if I actually liked it or liked it only ’cause it made it to the radio.

Do you know how many ‘shit’ songs I’ve got on my iPod that I just HAD to get because I couldn’t stop singing it over and over and over….

Like that new T.Swift and Zayn Malik song? Hated it when I first heard it. Suddenly I’m singing it non-stop and adding it to multiple playlists.


I might not get it the first, second or third time ’round – but sheeeiiit. Pop Culture, man! Yeeaaass.


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