She fucking KILLED this years half-time show!

SHE PLAYED ALL OF MY FAVOURITES! And she sang live – which FUCK YES girl can sing.

She brought back some nostalgic Gaga feels, ones I’d let fade when Art Pop was released. An album that had only one song I “liked”, though I dunno if I actually liked it liked it or liked it only ’cause it made it to the radio.

Do you know how many ‘shit’ songs I’ve got on my iPod that I just HAD to get because I couldn’t stop singing it over and over and over…. Usually just the chorus parts too, making me all the more annoying to listen to.

Like that new T.Swift and Zayn Malik song? Fucking hated it when I first heard it. Suddenly I’m singing it non-stop and adding it to multiple playlists.


I might not get it the first, second or third time ’round – but sheeeiiit. Pop Culture, man! Yeeaaass.


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