Life is too beautiful to be wasting it on the ugly.

And I mean beautiful vs. ugly thoughts (not people, ya dick). Opinions. Basically whatever the fuck is going on up in your brain.

I’ve had a really hard time writing over the last month or two. I started this “new” blog with every intention of writing about ALL the things! Whatever the fuck was going on up in my brain, which is typically a lot. Thing is, the only thing that’s been going on up there lately is OMG’s over the political state of our nation. I mean, I’m Canadian, but this whole Trump thing… This whole AMERICAN thing… It’s beyond anything in the history of EVER.

Do I spread optimistic advice, knowledge, encouragement? Or do I spread nothing but happies and pretties, ignoring the bullshit in hopes that it goes away? OR, do I keep myself updated on everything TRUMP in order to know where the planet is at ‘CAUSE OMG WW3?

Every day. EVERY DAY there’s something. But hey – I’m no Trump supporter, but some of the shit I read is so fucking petty. “How Trump wants his women to dress” *Spoiler – Like women. While I don’t doubt the guy is chauvinistic prick, the amount of fucking GOSSIP thrown in with alternative FACTS blows my mind.

Do people know the difference?

But that’s what people get off on – Who doesn’t love a little juicy GOSSIP. Scandal. Conflict.

I can’t change the world. I can’t say anything that hasn’t already been said more eloquently somewhere else. I can’t do any one thing that’s going to make everything better.

What I can do is find the happy in my every day and hope that it encourages others to do the same. I can enjoy my life and focus on the things that I can do.

Like cuddle the fuck outta my pups or kiss my jolly ginger giant.

Our governments are full of crooks, our economy is a bubble waiting to burst, and our population itself is lacking education and information to the point that we’re a bunch of ignorant, entitled, petty little shits. You can read countless studies on how fucked up we are in almost every sense – You can bitch, vent, whine and rage about it – But the only thing you can do to fix it is be happy. ‘Cause hey man. Happy people don’t just kill their husbands……….

Or shoot up schools, airports, movies or any other place for that matter.

Be happier. Be kinder. And know that the best change you can make is yourself.

Embrace the cheese, man. ‘Cause regardless of your stance on animal products…… THE CHEESE IS WHAT HOLDS US ALL TOGETHER.

Stringy, melty, cheesey GOODNESS.


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