I figure I’m bored. I’m alone. And I’m down to gab ’cause WOO! I’m going to freakin’ COSTA RICAAA BABY!

Am currently on a train headed downtown to meet up with the broseph, where we’ll then hop on anotherrr train over to the airport hotel.

As someone who rarely uses public transportation, this shit is huge man!

Nearly 30-year-old woman here, travellin’ down to meet up with mom, dad and my 27-year-old sibling so we can VACAY together like old times.

I’m an adult baby, and I couldn’t be happier!

Update one : I JUST REALIZED this is gonna be the longest my ginj and I have gone without seeing each other. He dropped me off at the train after spending the morning with me… yet I somehow feel like I totally took advantage of my time with him ’cause OMG. I SHOULDA HUGGED YOU HARDER! BB I MISS YOU!!

Screw you iPod for shufflin’ straight over to sappier tunes.

Update two: Brother acquired and en route to the airport. My anxiety of NOT KNOWING WHERE TO GO was easily dismissed with my city savvy broseph leading the way, thank god.

Though he snapped at me for apologising too much.


Now, we find ma and pa.

Update three: I suck at live blogging.

Two trains and a tram rideย later, weย made it to the hotel. While it’s a nightmare to some, we feel #BLESSED to have scored an adjoining room to mom and dads. Mom being mom brought us each a bunch of shit that we have to find room for in our bags – butย YAS! I got everything in and I’m still underweight.

My planning and organizing has made it possible for me to buy ALL OF THE COSTA RICAN THINGS.

I may not be on the beach, but my vacay has totally started. This bed has 4 amazingly fluffy pillows, the sheets and duvet are soft AF, and I’m not even a 5 minute walk to our airport terminal.

One we’ve gotta roll into around 6am.

So. Ima go crack one of my beach books! I’ve got two weeks to get through 4 books.

I suddenly feel as though I don’t have enough reading material…





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