I’m home. The skies are grey and the air is cold.

But it’s not that cold – And as a Canadian, I really shouldn’t be complaining.

Everyone around me is basking in our weirdly warm February, and I’m over here all WAHH! IT’S NOT EVEN COMPARABLE TO THE COSTA RICAN SUNSHINE!

And my golden brown skin! I CAN FEEL IT FLAKING AWAY WITH THE WIND. I’ve been fucking bathing in Banana Boat.

Having been out of wi-fi range for the last leg of our trip = Things got real. Things got to a whole ‘notha level of unplugging from the world. There were no sneaky social media scrolls, no quick text to the ginger – There was just the jungle, the mountains myself and my family.


That was the most time my brother and I have spent together since we were fresh outta High School – And nah, we don’t have to do that again any time soon.


The beach and the sunshine, the mountains and the tree-houses, ugh. That was a spiritually energizing vacation. I feel ready as fuck for life – ‘CAUSE WOO. LIFE IS GOOD, BABY!

Life is great.

Though it would be better if I was still on vacation ’cause I mean, working still kinda sucks.




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