My post-vacation blues have me talking myself out of becoming a pirate

Is the Pirate life for me?

It’s already been a month since I first left for vacay.


Ugh, I still get a hollow feeling in my tummy when I think about how A MONTH AGO TODAY I’D HAVE BEEN ABOUT TO BEGINย THE MOST WONDERFUL TWO WEEKS UNDER THE SUN.

Sunshine, I miss you. Warmth, I miss you too!

What I miss most is the endless FREEDOM, drinks, food

MY LIFE IS SO SAD NOW! So dark, cold, grey. Why can’t I be a rich bitch enjoying the winter island life?

Wah. First world problems.

C’MON MAN. You’ll go on vacation again! It’s just been a gloomy last couple of weeks, life isn’t that bad. It’s actually pretty fuckin’ okay right now – With an intense amount of potential to be even okay-er inย the upcoming months!


It’s still not a beach with endless drinks. But ok, fine. Real life excitement isn’t so bad either.

Besides, maybe as I age, my real life excitement will become even more exciting…

Like planning countless trips to beaches to forever enjoy sunshine, lollipops!