Keys to a new beginning.

SHIZZA MINELI! RumpelShitskins! As Monica semi-jokingly whined to Rachel, “I’m gonna live with a boooyyyy!”

Look how personalized and childish my house keys are. I’m an adult!

In similar Monica fashion, I want to go in and friggin’ CLEAN that house top to bottom. How do some people live?! I don’t understand how people can not only 1- live in an actual filthy environment and 2- not clean up to hide said nasty environment even a little! Like, your landlady knew you and now knows you’re a fucking pig.

Whatevs though ‘cause be gone with ya, lil’ piggy! I’ll excitedly scrub everything down fresh for MY STUFF over the next couple of days, and by Friday? We’ll be moving in actual things.

MY THINGS WILL ALL BE IN ONE PLACE! After living across 3 houses for the last 5 years (and I mean all three at one time, I float around from home to home for extended periods of time), I’m going to have a bedroom that’s actually mine again. A space for all of my things. Things I’ve packed away in boxes and never unpacked, things I’ll probably shit my pants over – An OMG YES! Or OMG WHY? kind of poop.

I don’t even have to put it all in my (our) room! There’s an ENTIRE HOUSE. Multiple rooms for my things.

The omg’s are out of control, man.

It doesn’t even feel real!! Shit happened fast. We just saw the ad for the house 4 days ago and already we’ve got the keys! But hey – It seems everything always happens fast when I go ahead and jump. An intensity that ferrr suuuree adds to the OMG factor.

I can’t wait to start building a home, regardless of the semantics. I’ve been collecting “for when I move out” for the last 3+ years. I say 3+ because it was about 3 years ago when Christmas and Birthday gifts started becoming blatant move out gifts. WHICH was/IS AWESOME! Because the next coupl’a weeks are going to feel like fucking Christmas going through and PUTTING AWAY everything that we have.

My bedding! My bathmat! Omg. You should see my cutlery and knives. MY KNIVES. I have never loved an outfit or accessory as much as I do these knives. Maaaaaan they slice good. CHOP CHOP.

I’ma slice and dice so many meals, holy SHIT I can’t even wait.

My own kitchen to make meals, my own living room to live, my own bathroom with an actual bathtub! Even my own little computer room for added chill pleasure. I’ll have space to entertain, to cozy up, and to fucking ENJOY.

I even get to play outside. I have a backyard! Veggie garden WHAT UP.

I’m ready play house so hard.


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