And this is where life starts moving at warp speed.

If I’m saying that now, I can’t imagine what it’ll feel like when/if the kidlets start poppin’.

I can’t say I’m living for the weekends, but having ENDLESS HOURS to hang out in our new home is just the bees freakin’ knees. Today was the first day since we moved in where there was SUNSHINE (lollipops), and it was so nice.  So many windows. So much light.

I’m gonna be plant queen.

As for the “living with a boy” situation – It’s different. I can’t say it’s wicked different ’cause we’d already spent so many days/nights together, but I had a moment when brushing my teeth one night last week were OMG. I’ll never be rid of him…

Then he goes to a bachelor party out in them Southern Ontario mountains (lol) for a weekend, and yay! Bed to myself! NEW HOME to myself.

K – I still missed him.

I did get a lot of homeski planning done though. I played with current items, envisioned new ones – Suddenly I’m able to find money to buy all of these fun homey things when I’d been putting off buying something like freakin’ PANTS that I’ve needed for months!

Priorities. I’m torn by my feelings over this sudden change in priorities, since like… clothes. Accessories! But OMG. LOOK AT ALL OF THESE BEAUTIFUL FUCKING DISHES! Bowls! Vases. Dishes.

I’ve not bought any of these beautiful dishes though, only planters and plants – and a couple of home essentials like a bath mat and a toothbrush holder. Oh and it’s matching tumbler and garbage can…

Our first “argument” was when I told the ginger I wanted a coffee table before anything else. He got all freaked out and told me that we needed to be saving for retirement.

Retirement? Woah. What about my couch? What about a freaking ring for my finger, bitch!

One of the benefits of moving out later in life is the amount of years you’ve had to accumulate things for your future move. It’s SO FUN having all of these new things, things I’ve had sitting in boxes for years – Boxes that are spread out across the three houses I’ve been living in over the last 5 years… Boxes I still need to acquire in order to truly unpack.

Playing house is the most fun I’ve had since, like. Ever. The boy thing isn’t so bad itself, ’cause really? Every day feels like a Friday!

Roomies. Besties. Lovers. It’s all good up in this neighborhood!




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