Wednesday night feels

Live the life you want.

Ugh – But what if I’m a lazy piece of sh*t?

I mean – I’m not completely useless, but after work? Man. I just wanna chill.

I’ve been going to the gym (mostly) off and on for the last couple of years.  I try to eat well most of the time, but I’m soft and pudgy. I have no problem opening and polishing off a bag of chips, but I won’t kill myself if all I had to snack on was broccoli and dip.

Broccoli sans dip though…

I know that if I were to get my ass moving a little more, eating a little better, and more or less be more involved with life in general – Things would change for the better, there’s no doubt! Currently? My situation is pretty darn comfortable. Maybe just a little too comfortable in that lounging and doing nothing feels better than EVER now that I’m in my own place!

*note that warm weather is coming – meaning GARDENING! Adding to my “not completely useless” thing.

But MAN. Sitting on the couch or in front of the computer, scrolling on my phone – Basically sitting on my ass “wasting” minutes has been my most consistent jam ’cause YUSSS. Nothing feels better than doing nothin’ at all.

Except for eating. I need to eat to survive! And they make food so delicious these days that I’d be crazy not to enjoy indulging a time or ten. Thing is, I’m living through my 30th year of life – Come January, my age officially flips into 30, and boom. Gravity. “Everything is downhill after 30”.

NAH. Screw you guys and your opinions. I’m just getting started! Life is just BEGINNING. I’m still on the up, so again – NAH. I’ve still got plenty of time.

With that – I want to revamp my life. I’m not a youngin’ anymore, so I’ve got to start actually taking care of myself. My body. You know, maybe not eat DQ blizzards a couple of days after having eaten an entire bag of ketchup chips…

I’ve done a pretty kick ass job over the last 5 years building a relationship with myself and learning how to do things for me. I’ve found myself a comfortable job, a fun boyfriend/roomie, and a cutesy place to call home. I’ve got the basics under control – So how ’bout I step it up a notch?

SO! I think in order to keep my flaky self a little more accountable in this ‘revamping of life’ thing– I’m going to document my success’ and struggles.

Success’ more so being that I’m actually trying – Struggles more than likely being that I hate moving and physical work is so hard and eating little to no chocolate and chips and garbage is THE MOST DIFFICULT THING OF LIFE.

I have two boxes of toaster strudels in the freezer and a half pack of Pillsbury cookies in the fridge. Hmm. Maybe I should like, make/eat all of them tonight as to get them out of the house….


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