I’m a failure in the kitchen.

And by failure – I more so mean I was too lazy right now to really give a shit.

I told y’all I wanted to be more accountable for my eating habits – lol.

Cut me some slack, man! We’re just over two weeks into this home, forgive my lack of meal prep when I feel as though I’m BEYOND TIRED from working all day, and coming home to unpack/set things up.


Totally. My kitchen was the first room to be fully unpacked – Like I said, I’ve just been lazy. I mean, I made a wicked sweet perogie dinner the one night! But we’ve mostly just been making something quick (like a pb sammies) or going out to get something.

I’m going on a red meat detox, as I feel I’ve had so many burgs that I’ve probs killed a small cow.

Aw. Ignorance.

Is this week going to be different? I’d like to say maybe…

But man, when friends gift you with Kate Spade ice cream bowls/scoop, you go buy ice cream to christen them bowls!

It’s Monday. I had a hearty greek salad for lunch – And um. Leftover pizza and wings for dinner.

Ya win some, ya lose some.


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