Jealousy totally ruins my days.

Not every day, and sometimes (usually) not even the whole day! Just the moments where I’m hulkin’ hard over whatever it is I feel I’m missing out on.

Like today? Today is July 4th. It’s my first day back at work after our Canada Day long weekend, and a day where the Americans are gallivanting around celebrating their country.

It’s also the first week of summer vacation for the little kidlets, as well as a week of vacay for a ton of other people – Including my boss and a few co-workers.

And my freaking handsome AF ginger.

OH! And because my car is in the shop, my man had to drive me into work today. Meaning I got to watch as he drove away, back to our home. Back to our bed. Back to our everything to do nothing.


Oh right. Lol. $urvival.

I have this pit in my stomach as if I want to cry – Cry for all of the FREE TIME I’m missing out on. The SUNSHINE that isn’t being absorbed into my skin! The laughs! The drinks! THE FUN!! My green-eyed monster is feelin’ the feels today, and I so badly wish I had unlimited vacations to take throughout the summer.

And in the winter.

Basically, I’ll work most of the fall and spring, but summer and winter are meant for… Things. Activities. HOLIDAYS.

UGH. Yet another day goes by where I question if I was born into the right family. I love you ma and pa, but I’m preeeeetty sure I was meant to be a socialite or some shizz.

Well. You must excuse me while I go sit all alone in my cubicle, reminiscing and rehashing the good, care free time that was my weekend.

Short week.

It’s a short week.




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