A necessary reminder.

You’re only going to see the finished product – We typically show our best sides, not all sides.

In a world where it’s easy to get caught up comparisons – Know that they too have their dark days. Bad hair days. Bad mood days – We’re human and perfection just ain’t realistic.

Neither is the life of luxury and travel that seems to be pushed into my eyeballs at every given moment…


More people live in this Metropolitan area than ALL of Canada.

And I get overwhelmed with Toronto crowds.

Who am I kidding? I get annoyed with crowds in general.

Ugh. People.

The population of Tokyo’s Metropolitan area is at nearly 38 million! That’s thirty-eight million people in one fucking city.

Canada’s entire population is around 35ish million –  And that’s spread out across an entire country! A country that’s like, 4500x’s the size of Tokyo!

lol @ my BS social anxiety. Time alone? What that means?

Really makes you wonder about the state of their mental health, doesn’t it? Bein’ all up on each other all of the time?

Just me? Alrighty then.


My post-holiday blues has me pep talking myself out of depression.

It’s already been a month since I first left for vacay?

Ugh, I still get a hollow feeling in my tummy when I think about how A MONTH AGO TODAY I’D HAVE BEEN ABOUT TO BEGIN THE MOST WONDERFUL TWO WEEKS UNDER THE SUN.

Sunshine, I miss you. Warmth, I miss you too!

What I miss most is the endless FREEDOM, drinks, food

MY LIFE IS SO SAD NOW! So dark, cold, grey. Why can’t I be a rich bitch enjoying the winter time island life? Wah.

C’MON MAN. You’ll go on vacation again! It’s just been a gloomy last couple of weeks, life isn’t that bad. It’s actually pretty fuckin’ okay right now – With an intense amount of potential to be even okay-er in the upcoming months!


It’s still not a fuckin’ beach with endless drinks. But ok, fine. Real life excitement isn’t so bad either.

Besides, maybe as I age, my real life excitement will become even more exciting… Like planning countless trips to beaches to forever enjoy sunshine, lollipops!

Winter has me like…


I WANT to enjoy this February warmth, but it just feels so WRONG.

In the “WTF IS HAPPENING TO OUR PLANET?!” kinda way.

lol. But Global Warming doesn’t exist, right?


I’m home. The skies are grey and the air is cold.

But it’s not that cold – And as a Canadian, I really shouldn’t be complaining.

Everyone around me is basking in our weirdly warm February, and I’m over here all WAHH! IT’S NOT EVEN COMPARABLE TO THE COSTA RICAN SUNSHINE!

And my golden brown skin! I CAN FEEL IT FLAKING AWAY WITH THE WIND. I’ve been fucking bathing in Banana Boat.

Having been out of wi-fi range for the last leg of our trip = Things got real. Things got to a whole ‘notha level of unplugging from the world. There were no sneaky social media scrolls, no quick text to the ginger – There was just the jungle, the mountains myself and my family.


That was the most time my brother and I have spent together since we were fresh outta High School – And nah, we don’t have to do that again any time soon.


The beach and the sunshine, the mountains and the tree-houses, ugh. That was a spiritually energizing vacation. I feel ready as fuck for life – ‘CAUSE WOO. LIFE IS GOOD, BABY!

Life is great.

Though it would be better if I was still on vacation ’cause I mean, working still kinda sucks.



For Valentine’s Day, I had authentic Italian pizza in Costa Rica…


Seriously – Who woulda thought to come to Costa Rica for some fine Italian eats? NOT ME, but I’m pleasantly freakin’ surprised!

These two Italian bros from Naples decided a couple of years ago to pack up their shit and open up shop here in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. They even had their wood burning stone oven shipped over here to use!


Seriously, this pizza is totally worth coming back for.

Or, you know. I’ll just stay here for it…



I figure I’m bored. I’m alone. And I’m down to gab ’cause WOO! I’m going to freakin’ COSTA RICAAA BABY!

Am currently on a train headed downtown where I’ll meet up with the broseph, then the two of us will hop on anotherrr train over to the airport hotel.

As someone who rarely uses public transportation, this shit is huge man!

Nearly 30-year-old woman here, travellin’ down to meet up with mom, dad and my 27-year-old sibling so we can VACAY together like old times.

I’m an adult baby, and I couldn’t be happier!

Update one : I JUST REALIZED this is gonna be the longest my ginj and I have gone without seeing each other. He dropped me off at the train after spending the morning with me… yet somehow I feel like I totally took advantage of my time with him ’cause OMG. I SHOULDA HUGGED YOU HARDER! BB I MISS YOU!!

Screw you iPod for shufflin’ straight over to sappier tunes.

Update two: Brother acquired and en route to the airport. My anxiety of NOT KNOWING WHERE TO GO was easily dismissed with my city savvy broseph leading the way, thank god.

Now, we find ma and pa.

Update three: I suck at live blogging.

Two trains and a tram ride later, we made it to the hotel. While it’s a nightmare to some, we feel #BLESSED to have scored an adjoining room to mom and dads. Mom being mom brought us each a bunch of shit that we then had to pack into our bags – but YAS! I got everything in and I’m still underweight.

My planning and organizing has made it possible for me to buy ALL OF THE COSTA RICAN THINGS.

I may not be on the beach, but my vacay has totally started. This bed has 4 amazingly fluffy pillows, the sheets and duvet are soft AF, and I’m not even a 5 minute walk to our airport terminal.

One we’ve gotta roll into around 6am.

So. Ima go crack one of my beach books. I’ve got two weeks to get through 4 books.

I suddenly feel as though I don’t have enough reading material.